Pondicherry – Places to See in this French Town

Who wants a taste of Française in India?

The Promenade, White Town, Pondicherry

The Promenade, White Town, Pondicherry

Welcome to Pondicherry (Puducherry), the little humid French town which the French left to the Indians to domesticate. Though it is best to avoid seaside towns located any where near the Equator, I had to pay this town a visit as a traveller and voila,  discovered that this part of India is rich in culture and history. I am not just talking about Pondy but Karaikal, Tranquebar, Kumbakonam, Chidamabaram, Thanjavur, Nagapattinam… all within a four hour radius.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

Now let me surprise all of you who have not visited Pondicherry. The entire town does not look French. Only the original part of it does. And that small rectangle is limited to White Town which is between the sea and the canals which now line up the streets of Kassim Salai(Gingee Salai) and Ambour Salai. This section is the Frenchiest of Pondicherry for the casual visitor. Between the canals and MG Road is the Tamil quarter with its prominent Franco Tamil architecture and this includes Mission Street which would be the Pondicherry equivalent of the Times Square in New York.

The French influence is quite visible through both the Franco Tamil population and Francophiles themselves, the French commercial establishments, the French tourists and the street names.

Disk on the Promenade

Dusk on the Pier

These are the few things to do here and places to visit/see.

  1. Pondicherry calms your mind. Period.
  2. In no other town of India have I seen so many local women on BSA Ladybird bicycles.
  3. French speaking Indian guides are ubiquitous making the French tourists truly comfortable.
  4. Loved the Cluny School of Music on Suffren Street in White Town. Whenever I passed the school in the afternoon, there were piano notes or violin notes wafting through the air. I was told that the music teachers are mostly French senior citizens and I would actually recommend sitting on the pavement outside the school and listen to the students practice on any balmy afternoon.

    A Hotel

    A Heritage Hotel

  5. The French population here is not stagnant but actually growing though at a snail’s pace.
  6. I learnt to appreciate Auroville if not for anything but the forest that has been planted over the years and also the pretty women who dot the township. Still need to attend the meditation center and still need to feel Auroville’s soul.

    Matri Mandir, Auroville

    Matri Mandir, Auroville

  7. Goubert Market

    Goubert Market

    Goubert market on Nehru street was fun to explore. The market is a smorgasbord of seafood like prawns, lobsters, fish, squid, sharks and the dank smell of

    Goubert Market

    Goubert Market

    the sea pervades this market. Bought crabs for an exorbitant price and went on to make a wonderful crab curry dish.

  8. Why is there no ban on plastic on the Promenade(Beach Road) and maybe even in White Town. Do the French have to teach us that?
  9. Why are there so many stray dogs? And who is going to pick up the dog poo after the owners desultorily take their dogs out for a stroll?
  10. Do you know that no one goes to Auro beach now. A house there got washed away and there is to much debris in the seawaters. So the adjacent Surya beach is what
    Moonrise from the Promenade

    Moonrise on the Promenade

    everyone refers to as Auro beach? And it certainly is not a great beach.

  11. The moonrise on the Promenade is spectacular.
  12. Old furniture shops dot the ECR in Pondy and have sell humongous wooden pillars of sizable girth. Wonderful to buy a pair and keep them for your new home.
  13. Drove a car in White Town for a week and realised that I needed a bicycle. It’s the best way to explore this labyrinth town. I am off to rent one on Mission Street.
  14. Avoid the tourist hotspots of Pondy. They are not worth it. Instead try to soak up the culture. Activities keep happening in the Alliance Francaise center, Auroville etc.

    Alliance Francaise

    Alliance Francaise

  15. Ossudu lake is nothing interesting though you can take a boat ride and see those pelicans.
  16. Paradise beach is a lovely sandbar on the southern side of town. One has to go to Chunnambar boat house from where you are taken to the beach. But that is not the only way to reach this beach.

    Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving

  17. Some houses in White Town are exceptional in their architecture.
    Pondy Architecture

    Pondy Architecture

    Most of them have the classic yellow and white or peach and white combination. I plan to do a photologue of these houses along with the very quaint ones in the Tamil quarter.

  18. What’s with the traffic police in Pondy?
    Notice the French remnants

    Notice the French remnants

    If your vehicle is not a locally registered one and you are caught in a mishap not of your own creation, be prepared for some very partisan behaviour by the cops.

  19. Autos are exorbitant.
  20. So maybe some of the cafes. 

    My favourite coffee in town

    Bon Bakes

    Bon Bakes

  21. Be prepared to hear people of Indian origin or Indians speaking in fluent French to each other while walking on the road or when buying vegetables. You begin to wonder if they know English at all.
  22. An early morning run on the Promenade is refreshing though your tees become so wet that you actually start feeling cold in the heat.



  23. French citizenship for the locals is not on offer. Thus the older generation Indians are French but not the new generation.
  24. Finding a carpenter for odd jobs is cest impossible here. Finally found Selvam who is on the payroll of the neighbouring French house, whose owners like the migratory birds, visit once a year.
  25. I like the Sacred Heart Basilica opposite the Railway station. The stained glass and high gothic roofs are impressive to watch from inside. Sit at the door on the southern side where the draft of air makes your mind relax a bit and think about your loved ones.
Marathon and the Custom's House Lighthouse, View from Eglise De Sacre Coeur De Jesus Church, Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, View of the promenade from the Pier, Harbour Lighthouse, Scuba Diving, Promenade

Marathon and the Custom’s House Lighthouse, View from Eglise De Sacre Coeur De Jesus Church, Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, View of the Promenade from the Pier, Harbour Lighthouse, Scuba Diving, Promenade


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