Spiti Valley Homestay Trek/Itinerary

Here is a probable itinerary either for a homestay trek or a general tour of Spiti. It is a comfortable schedule and covers most of Spiti.

  1. Spiti Valley can be done by road as part of the Shimla to Manali, Manali to Shimla, Manali to Manali or Shimla to Shimla routes.
  2. The road from the Shimla side is open 365 days though the state of the road is not always the best.
  3. The road from the Manali side depends on whether the Rohtang pass is open or not. Rohan pass is closed during winters.
  4. I am suggesting a Manali to Manali as I find Manali much more interesting than Shimla.
  5. Prem charges reasonable rates for a taxi, Manali to Manali. Else you can use the bus and shared taxis which might be tiring but more backpackerish.
  6. I liked Komic and Spiti. Even though Spiti is commercial, it has life in it.
Day Desc Night Stay Distance in kms Destination Alt Mode Comments
1 Arrive in Delhi. Start for Manali in the evening by HPTDC at 6.30 pm. Bus Departure – Himachal Bhavan, Mandi House, Delhi
2 Arrive in Manali by 9.00 am? Check into hotel, freshen up. Try to leave for Losar by taxi by 11 am. Talk to Prem Karwa for taxi and refer my name/Hyderabad. – 09418054178 Dedicated Jeep/Shared Jeeps / Local Bus early in the morning Go to Kiran Guest House near SBI for jeeps to Kaza.

Dragon Guest House for quick stays and Johnsons Hotel for comfy stays.

 3 Arrive in Losar. Losar 13500 Nomad Hotel run by Sahil 9650824268/8988203599/9711009299.
4 Travel to Ki Monastery and then Kibber/Gete by jeep. Stay in Kaza. Explore the market in Kaza and Sol Cafe. Kaza 12500 Dedicated Jeep/Shared Jeeps Hotel Deyzor or
Sakya Abode – Tsering
5 Drive from Kaza to Komic for the night. Skip Langza or through Langza can be a decision taken. Langza is fossil country. Komic 8.5+13 14435+14806 Dedicated Jeep/Shared Jeeps Kunga Chorden 01906 200050 and +91 9459981295
6 Walk from Komic to Demul. Stay in Demul. Demul 14 14271 Trek Home stay
7 Walk from Demul to Lalung. Stay in Lalung. Lalung 10 12326.24 Trek Home stay
8 Walk from Lalung to Dhankar. Stay in Dhankar or Shisling. Dhankar 10 12772.32 Trek Yak Om Yeti
Vaneet Rana +919418817761(vaneetrana23@gmail.com) or Parul Gupta +919418646578 (parul280682@gmail.com)
9 Explore Dhankar. Leave Dhankar for Losar. Losar Nomad Guest House. Leena or Sahil.
10 Leave Losar early morning for Manali. Bus to Delhi next evening at 5.30 pm by HPTDC. Bus Row 5, 6 and 7 may be skipped if not interested in trekking and instead can go to Dhankar by jeep from Kaza.

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