Aesop’s Babble

Have you wondered about the hare and the tortoise story?


The hare lost in a race. But the hare must have also been a

egoistic son of a gun. So he must have challenged the tortoise again.

So they must have had another race. So what happened the second

time and the third time?


The hare would have definitely won. Is the sum of the story more

important than its parts?


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  1. Srikalyan says:

    C,mon, there was only one race. It was not a best of three.


  2. Sreedhar says:

    Nice one. Accept the truth of a hare that never attempted to win; if it ever raced again, some old story book or history book would have captured it or there would have been a reference to it in Ramayana or Bible. Since this never happened, it’s safe to assume the hare never raced again or there was never a hare historian and the turtle historians’ story prevailed.

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    1. Yes, very plausible.

      And, the poor hare had no motivation. There was no media coverage too. How could it know that the race was going to be so famous in history.

      Sadly, the hare seems to have been conned.


  3. ashokbhatia says:

    In the realm of management, the fable has already been re-written. The second time round, the hare wins. The third time, both of them become friends – over land, the hare carries the tortoise, over water, the tortoise carries the hare. Both reach the goal together, and the value of team work is exemplified. My apologies for boring you if you have already heard this!


    1. Slow Pokey says:

      Ha ha. I have not heard of it. That was refreshing. But yes, if there is anything that will try to unite all the people of the world towards an objective, it will be books on management. They have such positive spin on most things.


      1. ashokbhatia says:

        Perhaps, yes. Basic spiritual tenets are also the same across all streams, I think!


  4. dilip says:

    Good one I am sure the tortoise opted out of the competitive challenge 🙂

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